Friday, August 15, 2008

Me? Food?

Ok so today I went to this awesome place...But I am too tired to load the pictures and write about it tonight...There are like 75 pictures and I am trying to devise the best way to put all the pictures online and in an easy place to find...

So lets talk about what I ate today. First I had a cold noodle soup called naeng myun. It is basically noodles in a vinegary broth with some fresh veggies and an egg. Mine didn't have beef like this picture (which I got online).
Then I had sweet potato pizza. Sounds weird I know, it was weird, but still good. The picture soon to come, my camera is full of the awesome place photos so Jody took a pic and I have to get it from him still. That is about it for now though.


Anonymous said...

see wierd pizzas can take good, so dont knock the spam and dorritos pizza I like so much. -jason

david santos said...

Hello, Amanda!!!
Good food!!!!!!!
Have a nice Day!!!

Anonymous said...

jason sure works inglish good. work is ok. sometimes i go home super grumpy and almost crazy from having to sit at the computer and do mindless work all day, but some days Miha says something like "make me a flow chart" but doesn't really tell me how to do it and that's really fun 'cause i get to spend a long time trying to figure it out. Much more stimulating. Today I'm driving a batch of international students to Wal Mart. They asked for volunteers and i was like "hell yeah i want to get out of the office for 2 hours in the middle of the afternoon!" also, that's interesting that they just stick a whole boiled egg in the soup. k, i think that was a long enough comment <3 -E

Anonymous said...

Love all the different food you're trying. Are you gaining a bunch of weight?
Am anxious to hear details about school.

Anonymous said...

Will try this again. I enjoy your posts about all the food you are trying. Are you gaining weight?

Am anxious to hear about your school.

Amanda Lenz said...

J, well see there are 2 things that make spam and dorritos pizza gross that doesn't mak my pizza gross, that's 1)spam and 2) dorritos...
David, thanks, you too!
Erica, I'm sorry your job sucks, but you should have mine...j/k my job is awesome and I'm the foreigner now...try and have some fun though.
Grandma, actually I have lost weight since I have been here. Different types of food...Less fat and sugar and smaller portions. I now know why Asians are skinny...I promise to do the school next week sometime. They have been remodeling so I was waiting until that was done. Love you!