Saturday, August 30, 2008

Korean Wedding

Today I went to a Korean wedding...It was a lot like a Western wedding. There were some notable differences however. Like the fact that the ceremony and reception happen in one room. All the tables are set up and you sit at the tables and the isle is down the middle of the room. They do all the pictures and such while the guests are eating, that was nice. I enjoyed the part where the two getting married thank the parents. Video:

After that they changed into the traditional Korean wear, Hanbok, it is typically only worn for traditional festivals or celebrations. Then, in Hanbok, the couple proceeded to walk around the room and thank the guests for coming. Which is a nice change of pace for the guests. A video:

Another note is that ceremony and dinner was over and done in 2 hours. It is held in a wedding hall that pretty much does everything in the wedding I think. The lady drying the bride's eyes is, I believe, like the wedding planner or something...not a family member? Karen help...Yeah that is pretty much it, it was nice and interesting but not to terribly different from a Western wedding.

Before the wedding a room is setup with the bride in it that guests can come into and get their picture taken with her.The aisle that the bride and groom walk down...The stage for the cerremony, notice the huge cake on the left side of the pictureGinseng cheesecake. It was a little weird because ginsend has a very distinct flavor, but after a couple of bites it was really good. I don't know what happened to the huge cake...


Anonymous said...


Sorry I haven't been commenting... my illegal, but free, wireless was gone for awhile. You seem like an average Korean chick these days! Going to weddings and all. Not too much new on this side of the world, Kevin and I swam at Jason's last weekend and we're starting to look at apartments, which is exciting! Your students are insanely cute! Despite not knowing what was going on in those videos, I was still laughing hysterically!

Amanda Lenz said...

Maggie, congrats on the moving in together, should be awesome!!! Yes my students are cute, don't be suprised if I leave the country with one... Hope all is still going well at work, hav fun and talk to you later!!!