Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Hey so I just sent the last bit of paperwork in to get my Visa. Once I have that I will be talking to a travel agent to get my ticket for the trip!!! I will let everyone know when that happens... Stay tuned for the exciting stuff!


Becca said...

aizYeah!!! I'm soo excited for you!!! Do you know about when you will be leaving? Have you bought anything special for the trip yet? Have you learned any Korean words yet? Either way you will do great because you are...well, you're Amanda and if you want to do something; you will do it & do it well. GOOD LUCK!!

Amanda Lenz said...

I will be leaving on the 18th of July... I have bought a ton of clothes that I guess I could pass of as stuff for the trip. My roommate from last year gave me a couple sets of chopsticks that she got while she was in the Phillipines for me to take with me. I have learned some Korean but not enough...PS I love that you comment on all my posts, I like that at least one person is paying attention! TTYL