Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Day at School!!!

Ok so the first picture is one of where my hotel room is currently located...It is crazy here in Samsung Plaza. There is a Dunkin' Donuts, Cold Stone, KFC, and more for food choices, plus a ton of Korean choices...Then shopping wise there is a Gucci store, Burburry, Coach, Prada, to name a few that I am familiar with plus again a ton of Korean department stores. There are also electronics and 7-Elevens gone mad here too. I want for nothing in this area and even when I do get to my apartment (which I have seen) I will be within walking distance. The second is a picture of Korean beer, very cheep $2 for this size can, taste is equivalent to Natty Ice, so I hear.

Ok, so I did have to go to work today, but luckily I was not tired at all, still a little sick, but overall ok. I am expecting major jet lag tomorrow, time difference here to Central time = +14 hours. Ex: right now here it is 12am Wed, central time 10am Tue. More on the school, the other foreign teachers (like me Americans or Canadians in Korea) are really nice and really helpful!!!So easy to have all my questions answered. The students are VERY VERY smart. I have a 5 year old reading and speaking English better than many 7 or 8 year old Americans. I am going to find flashcards of some Spanish and French to teach him (that coincides with the words the other students learn) so he is not so bored in class. The others are very smart too. The speak well and learn quickly. The weird thing about Korean children is that they go to school a lot. Our school is one of like 5 or 6 daily schools. These kids learn English with us then go to schools for various musical instruments or sports or other things. I saw a school bus on the road tonight at 10pm. They are literally in school all day long. It is nuts, there is a lot of pressure to get into Harvard, Yale and the like so children must start very young.

Hopefully I will get a couple pictures of my class in later days but for now you will settle for my daily pictures of things I find interesting. I was very busy today with school and I had to go to the hospital for some check-ups so I didn't do very many things outside of that. More to come on the travels of Asia...


Jill Z said...

wow, sounds like u r having an amazing time! i'm jealous now ;)

jilllenz said...

I don't think you have enough money live that close to all that shopping!! Sounds like you are having an exciting time. Love mom

Dobromir said...

Wow I didn't know you were going to Korea to teach English!

That's so awesome! Have an open mind and have a ton of fun.

Amanda Lenz said...

Question 1: Jill, I am having an amazing time...You should come, my school will be hiring in 4 months.
Question 2: Mom, I don't have enough money, but I haven't bought anything yet because I don't want to carry it to my place, once I get there. Plus my new apartment is small and that will keep me from buying everything in sight.
Question 3: Dobromir, I haven't talked to you in like forever, of course you didn't know...By the way how are you doing?